On Fear

What a time to be alive where for the most part, the world as we know has radically shifted and day in and day out we are bombarded with news, messages and general panic at the very real uncertainty of where to from here.

And the truth is nobody knows.

For once humanity as a collective is facing a common threat, a virus that does not discriminate on gender, age, sexuality, social-economic status, race or any other variable. We are all living in uncertain times. Whether we are concerned about our friends, family, loved ones or livelihood, we are all facing a perilous situation where it is easy to slip into fear.

However, the fear does not change the uncertainty of the situation, and that is so key to remember. That regardless if we are feverish with fear-induced panic or as calm a Hindu cow, we still are facing the same situation. But where do we make our best decisions from?

Yesterday I was listening to a podcast which helped put things in perspective for me:

“Am I making this decision in Love or Fear? Am I making this decision because I am scared of something or because I am being inspired by compassion, generosity or by kindness?

When I make a decision out of fear, they rarely make me feel good and often lead to poor outcomes. When I make decisions that are made out of Love, even if they are risky, even if the outcomes are unexpected, I almost always feel better and I almost always grow in some way as a result of these.”

Dr Vivek Murthy

When I think of the panic buying and the hoarding of limited medical supplies, it is not coming from a place of love, but fear. When I think of the doctors, and nurses and all the frontline medical workers who are risking their lives in extreme conditions. Who are working never-ending shifts, and forgoing precious time with their families for the sake of strangers, while it might not said, to me, this is coming from a place of love.

And it’s all a choice what we choose to embody in every moment, will you choose to worry about what comes next? To focus on the fear of the unknown, or will you stay here now grateful for the moments you have with your loved ones, reaching out to friends and family from a place of love helping them navigate this extremely trying times.

Whichever you choose,

Know I am supporting you from a place of Love.


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