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Mission Statement

Kambo Africa is here to help spread the green light of Kambo wherever it is needed. Whether it be Cape Town or Johannesburg, Durban or Bloemfontein, Port Elizabeth or Pietermaritzburg, or places further afield than South Africa such as Mauritius, Mozambique, Tanzania or Kenya. Wherever there is a demand, it is our hope to help bring Kambo there.Having witnessed and experienced the deep and profound shifts this medicine can bring it is a great privilege to share this medicine with any who need it. As long as we are called, we will continue to serve.



  • Michael A
    I highly recommend anyone contemplating doing Kambo, Matthew is exceptional. Every circle I have attended has smashed physical, emotional and spiritual plateaus for me. It’s been a powerful springboard forward for me every time I was struggling.
    Michael A
  • Brent Smith
    Kambo has been truly transformational for both my body and mind. A humbling experience which has allowed me to centre my self and my intentions throughout my daily life. Although the process does not sound pleasant, it is much needed for those who carry out high-intensity activities through their weeks and months. I plan on joining a circle again in the near future with hopes of continued positive transformation.
    Brent Smith
  • Samantha S
    What an incredibly transformational experience that keeps on giving. It has been a huge catalyst for releasing stagnant and negative energy that was keeping me from activating my spiritual gifts and stepping into my purpose. On a physical level, I've noticed that my lower back pain has dramatically decreased, my tight chest and hayfever symptoms are also barely noticeable. Matthew has such an authentic and generous spirit, I felt safe and supported throughout the ceremony, as well as after.
    Samantha S
  • Tiffiny B
    Matthew has facilitated two kambo processes for me so far. The first was a 3x3 application and the second was a single application. In both processes, I eliminated massive amounts of physical and emotional toxicity. The pace at which emotional trauma can be processed using kambo is unbelievable. Matthew holds amazing space and I believe that I was able to deal with a lot of trauma because I felt so safe. I also appreciated the fact that Matthew spent time discussing and clarifying my intentions before starting each process, I believe this contributed significantly to the effectiveness of sessions. I have experienced kambo in other settings and after my experiences with Matthew, I can honestly say that I wouldn't go to anyone else for this medicine. I have already recommended Matthew to a number of my friends and all who have taken the plunge and tried the medicine have had amazing shifts in their lives. I highly recommend kambo to anyone who is serious about their healing, especially for those that don't have the luxury of taking a lot of time off work for retreating and rest.
    Tiffiny B